• You have a new idea or some new design of your existing products?
  • You are not sure how take your idea and turn it into a reality?

Bigfoot Imports is here to offer you the right manufacturer who will take care of your project. Bigfoot Imports will work with the factory directly with all of your specifications to bring your product from idea to reality

  • You are looking for a way to differentiate your offerings from those of the competition? Fill out our easy to use form and tell us what you are looking to produce. Bigfoot Imports will search for the right manufacturer who will fit to bring you the final product that you are envisioning.
  • You have found something in the retail market, let us know what you found, we will offer you the perfect product which you are looking for.

Bigfoot Imports will always strive to find the right manufacturer to produce your requested product which fits your time frame, your budget and your expectations.


  1. Tell us about your project! The more information you share with us, the more we can understand about your project.
  2. We will send you a pre-production picture of your sample for your review. If the initial sample picture meets your expectations then we will move to the next step of having the actual sample mailed to you for your final approval.
  3. After you are completely satisfied with your sample products, we sign the contract for production with signed agreements from the factory.
  4. The factory will produce your product; while our Quality Control experts watch over the whole production process; Bigfoot Imports gets all the shipping arrangements made for you; track the shipment for you while keeping you informed through the whole process.
  5. Start right now by filling out this form!