Bigfoot Imports is co-operative with key manufacturers in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia and Vietnam. This way, we always provide our clients with the competitive pricing, guaranteed quality and delivery time. Our staff offers more than 15 years experience and have built long term relationships with many factories. Our staff lives full time in each of the countries we source from and are fluent in the local language.

What are most customers’ main questions when it comes to dealing with a factory directly?

1. How do I manage quality control?

2. How can I make sure the product with be delivered at the correct time?

3. How will I be able to communicate with the factory?

4. How can I deal with the business practices of another country?

Let us take care of all these concerns for you.

1. We have Quality Control people in place to make sure that your sample product is the same as your finished product.

2. We will be following your product through the whole process, from sample arrangement to the date of delivery to your door.  We offer updates as often as you would like via our email, live chat or phone.

3. Don’t speak Chinese? We take care of all the communication for you and then translate all this information directly to you.

4. When is Chinese New Year this year and how will it affect your production?  Don’t worry about any of the cultural or business issues related to another country, our staff will always keep us updated on any new developments that could be a problem in production times or delivery.