Christmas is a welcome site for retail business owners. It was really a good feeling for us as a company to see all of our retail stores busy for the holiday season. Christmas shopping dollars can make or break some stores in the USA. In 2010 spending was up over 50%, which was an incredible jump from 2009. The stats for 2011 aren’t as positive as they dropped around 2%, with average spending from $658 down to $646.

holiday shoppers

holiday shoppers

Catalog purchasing is really jumping up as consumers just don’t want to spend gas and transportation money to go out and get those presents. Online purchasing is up to 43% and internet shopping down slightly to 37% from last year. As a buyer or owner, finding the best products for the best price is mandatory to keep your position or your business.

We at Bigfoot Imports are constantly searching for new factories to bring the quality and pricing that you expect to keep the sales coming strong. Please feel free to contact us for exciting new products and 2013 retail pricing.

We wish that you finish a strong 2011 season!

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