The power of the internet is amazing! Many people think that a simple search on Google or Overseas B2B website can bring them the correct producer or factory from Asia. One click and they have the products, prices and lofty promises from the overseas factory. 

In most cases the buyer ends up with the wrong products, lower quality than expected or no product at all. It’s very dangerous to go (sight unseen) into a project that costs thousands of dollars.

Since Bigfoot Imports is located in Midwest USA, we are able to offer the best of both worlds. We are an American company that has our own staff all over Asia to source direct to the best factories. Let us take care of the language barriers, shipping issues and quality control. We have a top rated customer service and quality control system in place.

Don’t just click a random name, click on Bigfoot Imports a trusted USA company that will go beyond your expectations.

We utilize all the current communication options like facebook, twitter, live chat, yahoo messenger, skype or just call us now at 765-497-3668 or email us at

Bigfoot Imports, taking the “myth” out of Global Sourcing!

Roger W. Garringer


President                                                                                                                                  Bigfoot Imports