Bigfoot Imports is pleased to introduce our new planter program for the 2014 Outdoor Living season.

About the factory

Founded in 2004 and established in Barcelona in 1987. We are designing and supplying pottery for garden and furniture for outdoor use. Our products are exported worldwide. With a modern and efficient organization in production and logistics, our company is focused on quality, as reference in all its processes. We are selling to more than 30 countries in the world. This year alone, we have increased our inquiries 25% more than last year. We regularly attend international and local shows and trade fairs to promote our new products, new designs and innovation to our customers.

Initially based in the ancient tradition of ceramics and terracotta developed in Vietnam during centuries, we have included modern organization and quality control that ensures complete satisfaction to our customers. Our production in light weight materials is also giving the trend to the market and giving to our customers an increasing demand items in a trustable quality.


Our main commitments are:

1. Offer to our customers trustable products, tested in mass production, trustable information that will assure a long term business relationship

2. Respect nature and environment in all our production process and create as many nature friendly products as possible.

3. Ethical code of conduct in our labour policy, with fair salaries and safe working conditions

Our strongest points are:

1.  We know WHAT to sell; the most important garden market demands, in terms of materials, design and quality.
2.  We know HOW to do it; which ones are the most important demands of our customers, in terms of quality and logistics.
3.  We know IF: experienced staff that can handle the unexpected situations that always happen in a handmade production.
4.  We know WHO our customer is, offering customized solutions in the most efficient way.

(Just a sample of our 400 page catalog of planters)